Sunday, April 30, 2006

# 0146Total Allotment Time: 3 & 1/2 hrs.
Principle Task: Lifting plastic mulch and lightly forking over exposed soil to remove any remaining weed roots.


Soggy Desert Rat said...

Hi, Tim!

I read through your blog and find it quite interesting. However, I'm not clear on the allotment part. Is it a community garden, experiment....why do you note the time spent?

I'm a home gardener myself in Houston, Texas. Feel free to take a peek.

Tim said...

Hi Soggy. Cheers for posting! Yes, allotments are a common site around towns and cities in the UK (although the home-owner building boom of the 1980's saw many of them go the way of the so-called 'developer'). Most came into being around the time of the First World War, I think, but they really came into their own during the Second's 'Dig for Victory' campaign (wherein townsfolk were encouraged to grow their own food - and ironically were far healthier diet-wise as a result it's been suggested). The good ol' Oxford Dictionary has this to say of them: allotment • noun 1 Brit. a plot of land rented by an individual from a local authority, for growing vegetables or flowers.

I keep a track of the time I spend up there simply for my own records - there's no stipulation over how many hours someone puts into them, but usually there's a voluntary association (see the new link on my profile) that puts pressure on those who let theirs 'go to seed' :o)

Will be sure to drop by your blog sometime soon,