Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Total Allotment Time: 1hr
Principle Task: Putting up a temporary barrier of wire-mesh against the back fence of the plot (rabbits have been finding their way under it - to the annoyance of my neighbours).


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

You have got away from me again, I just cannot keep up with the speed at which you seem to operate. The weather has been very wet here and I have not been able to do very much at all.

Your tree looks good and the wild flower pictures are super. I always wanted to grow a dandylion in a tube to see just how long the tap root would grow but somehow I have never quite got around to it.

The notion to do this occured to me when a fellow club member from the museum showed me a plant preserved complete with and amazing tap root, ie the whole plant! It was a Corn Marigold and I had never seen one before so it fired my imagination. We then did a survey of them but I didn't read up first so I spent ages looking for them in the first half of the year, only to discover they flower later. Pays to read up...

Your green crop certainly has got off to a good start, it should certainly add humous to the soil. You seem to have got enough moisture so far to keep things growing. The humous will help to hold the moisture in the soil too.

We do not seem to have a water shortage though I heard some wag on the TV say it was the wrong type of rain you were getting. Too much too quickly.

I came across the following website tonight after watching a very interesting program on the telly about gardening:

Which should lead you to the following:
SCRI and local schools feature on Beechgrove Garden. It is a CD for how to create an interesting garden, it might be of interest to stimulate your thoughts or it might just give you some ideas.

Your Fumator has interesting characteristics, some of which are: The herb is antispasmodic, aperient, cholagogue, slightly diaphoretic, mildly diuretic, laxative and weakly tonic, the site you mention then goes on to state excess doses cause hypnotic and sedative effects. I am off to consult my dictionary...


Tim said...

Hi Jimmy. Yes, they're presently coming thick and fast :o) (I've only just now added two more posts! I'm hoping to keep it a rule to post something on each time I spend more than 1/2 hr at the allotment). It's gotton late here, so I promise to reply to you in full tomorrow (including a point or two that I neglected to answer last time around :o) ). Regards, Tim :o)x

Tim said...

..tomorrow being a long one :o)

> I always wanted to grow a dandylion in a tube

I've always wanted to grow one of those giant Victorian varieties I've read about. Good for salads apparently (in small doses) :o)

> a plant preserved complete with and amazing tap root

I've come across a few with all this weeding I've been doing :o) Mostly Docks, I reckon.

> Your green crop certainly has got off to a good start

Yes, I'm pleased with how it's growing (despite being over-sown :o) ). Looking at it again today, I'm hoping now that it's roots are exuding inhibitors against the Horsetail, as I looked and looked, but couldn't spot any that weren't coming up away from the edges. I might be lucky after all :o)

Cheers for the link to SCRI. I'm currently going through a science-sceptic phase, I'm afraid (the reference to genetics in their intro put me off). It's not scientists 'per se' that I have the big problem with, rather, it's the men who 'sell us science' that I'm wary of. As is obvious, governments pander to business, therefore can we trust them? Governments or businessmen?

Maybe I should have a go putting Fumitory in my pipe? :o)

Best Regards,
Tim :o)x