Friday, May 05, 2006

Total Allotment Time: 2 & 3/4 hrs.
Principle Task: Lifting plastic mulch and lightly forking over soil exposed to remove any remaining weed roots as in recent posts.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

The weather held up here today, it has been glorious. I even had a Red Admiral in the greenhouse. It probably came up from down south on the strong southerly winds we have been having.

Those horsetails certainly are tough, I have them in my garden too but I just tolerate them and leave them alone. They grow in the area I call Lazy Acre - it is my wildlife reserve. There was an article in the British Wildlife magazine some time back giving a key for identifying them if you can get a copy from your library.

The bird box will be suitable for wrens as well as bluetits. Bluetits need a 1 inch hole whereas Great-tits need a 1 and a quarter inch hole. I don't actually know what size a wren can wrestle into but as it is very small probably less than an inch.

Well done getting that song even with me giving you the wrong words. I never get them right, I am just not musical. I think I now recall where I heard it - I was on a train from Inverness to Glasgow when a party of teenagers on some "out of bounds" trip embarked at Aviemore. They then subjected the normal travellers to that tune for a very long time. I just wanted to enjoy the trip in peace. Still I suppose I learnt something... Tavell first class!

You must let the red ants bite you if only in the interests of science. Far too few people know what it feels like and even fewer put themselves in danger. Well not real danger, their sting only hurts a little bit. I was bitten the other year for the first time in a very long time and found the experience uncomfortable though not painful. At least it reminded me what I have been avoiding all this time. You should feel privilaged to be in such close proximity to nature. Remember I am an amateur entomologist. Or as a music teacher friend puts it, weird!

All the best

Tim said...

Hi Jimmy. Interestingly, a nearby plot holder told me last week that the Victorians used Horsetail for stabilising railway banks and this is a possible reason for it's being so common this side of the allotments. I don't know whether this is true or not, but it sounds feasible to me. I might have a go researching this myself if I find a spare moment. Cheers, I'll keep that mag in mind next time I visit my local library.

Thanks for the birdie info. I've a nice story about Wrens which I'll be sure to account at another time - I'm currently pressed for it :o)

Yes, uncomfortable rather than painful is probably a more accurate description of a red ant's bite - I'll let you know when I come across that nest :o)

You might recognise that Centipede I found today (when I can get it to upload, that is! :o) - The reason for my online time being eaten up tonight).

Best Regards,