Saturday, May 13, 2006

Total Allotment Time: 1 1/2 hrs
Principle Task: Lifting plastic mulch and lightly forking over exposed soil to remove any remaining weed roots as in recent posts.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

Gosh you have been busy, the plants look super and the pictures of the ladybird are spot on, and you got the species right too, I am impressed! I am also very impressed that you got the Vine Weevil (Otiorrhynchus sulcatus F.) correct. I would not have got it. Mind you, there do seem to be a lot more insects down there so you have to know, lots more than we get.

The link you gave to Verbena was very interesting - I had little idea just how many herbs there are. I am looking forward to a spare moment to browse the site.

It is difficult to see how you could have such fine healthy plants when ours are hardly out of their buds but then we are back to winter with a vengeance again - no wonder the plants don't do too well up here.

With regards to your tail of woe and the burning plastic. You could try several techniques, such as making a sign "Organic Plot" to hang on the gate. Or wander over and engage the offending idividual in conversation, win his interest and approval then casually drop the words, toxins, dioxins etc into the conversation. If he is a smoker you may have to lay it on with a trowel! They are thick skinned. After all - they smoke!

Years ago when spraying a herbicide when I worked at the forestry, the forester said it was save enough to drink, so I casually called his bluff and said "go on show me"! At this point he lost confidence. One up to the labourer.

Sorry to be so long in responding but field trips, painting the hall, being the taxi and everything else just gets in the way. They always say ask a busy man but sometimes I think I bite off more than I can chew. Then I get a good day...

All the best

Tim said...

Thanks, Jimmy. Yes, I've certainly been putting the hours in over the last week or so (although the actual time spent working at something is still far less than the total time I spend up there).

Cheers for confirming the id of the Ladybird and Vine Weevil. The insect world really has woken up down here over the last couple of weeks, and I'm having to resist whipping my camera out each time I see something move :o)

Herbs are one area of plant growing I could really get into - I'm going to have to be tough on myself though, and keep them to pots or I fear I'll soon run out of room for my veg :o)

Unsettled weather is forecast for us over the next few days, although it's going to remain mild, so things should keep growing. The advantage of more southerly climes, eh? :o) (They do say that the south of England will produce the best wine grapes in years to come - although I'd rather we kept our temperate climate).