Thursday, May 04, 2006

Total Allotment Time: 2 & 3/4 hrs.
Principle Tasks: Finishing off adding compost to second temporary growing area (an approximate two inch deep layer lightly forked in). Lightly forking over temporary mud paths to break up surface pan. Fixing bird roost to whitebeam tree.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

That is an interesting addition to the tree, not one I have seen before and possibly one the birds will have to look twice at. What are you hoping for? Bluetits?

I think I have Bluetits nesting in my box but I have not had a peek yet to confirm. They have certainly been going in and out all week though it has all gone quiet now. This either means they have gone elsewhere or one is sitting on eggs. Time will tell.

As I was looking at your blog tonight I remembered a song from way back that went something like:
Inch by inch, mile by mile, I'm going to make this garden smile.
I thought it might be quite appropriate!

All of a sudden the trees have leaves here so we are probably about a month behind you.

Beautiful day here today and I am hoping for another tomorrow so I can get some outside work done.

All the best

Tim said...

I know it well! The ditty I think you're referring to is 'The Garden Song' by Dave Mallet, which must date from the sixties. I know it from a cover version by Arlo Guthrie (Son of Woody), and as it has simple chords it's one I can bash out myself on the ol' guitar. The chorus goes:

Inch by inch, row by row,
Gonna make this garden grow,
Gonna mulch it deep and low,
Gonna make it fertile ground.

Inch by inch, row by row,
Someone bless these seeds I sow,
Someone warm them from below,
Til' the rain comes tumblin' down.

Although, I guess, primarily a children's song it does have some great, thought-provoking, lyrics such as:

Man is made of dreams and bones,
Feel the need to grow my own,
Cause the time is close at hand.

The bird roost only cost me a £1 from my local 'Round a Pound' shop. It seems pretty well made though. The entranceway is tiny, so nothing larger than tits I would think. They did have a similiar design for sale recently on The Organic Gardening Catalogue for a little more, but they seem to have sold out.

We had great weather here during the week, but it's turned progressively wetter over the weekend, and it doesn't now look like I'm going to be able to do much at the allotment until tuesday at the earliest :o(

Best Regards,

angela said...

ooh thats so cute, I have a couple of that type of thing hngin in the willow tree, but they dont seem to use them, I think they may be too exposed. Hope you get some nesting in there. plots looking good, you go tim, Love nd Light Angela. from c2.

Tim said...

ahh.. thanks, Angela! No sign as yet of any interest in it by our feathered friends, but it's early days so my greenfingers (I'm currently chuffed with myself that the Phacelia seeds I sowed last week have shown through already) are still crossed :o)

Tim :o)x