Tuesday, May 30, 2006

# 0168Total Allotment Time: 2 & 1/2hrs
Principle Tasks: Lightly forking over mud pathways. Weeding.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

I spend hours doing nothing in my garden and feel no guilt. Just being outside is enough to fool my wife I am gardening. (Kidding realy)

It is looking very good - your pictures make it look really green. Up here we are expecting summer to arrive on Friday, it has been very cold and still not a lot of bees around. I did manage to cut my front grass tonight in a light drizzle just before it got really heavy so lets hope it dries off soon or my back grass will have to go as silage. I used to have an elderly aunt who liked the "scortched earth" policy, every time she saw a weed she would pour some toxic substance on it. I alway wondered why there were not weeds in her garden until I was quite old.

What are the giant Victorian varieties of dandelion? I have never heard of them. I knew one could eat them but never had the inclination as when we pulled them as kids we used to get the milk from the stems on our hands and it turned them black. I beleive it is an alkaloid and I never fancied trying it. My rabbit used to eat it though withour harm. Guess they are just hardier than we humans.

I am devastated that the three lupin seeds I planted from Drumochter have not after all germinated. It was a weed which came up. Still I have three more to try. I was really looking forward to seeing what came up and now I am gutted. Such is gardening. On a happier note the bluetits are feeding their young - in and out all day. I have not bothered to disturb them by taking a look and probably wont. But I am delighted they are nesting in my box as it has been up for years and only used once before.

All the best

Tim said...

Cheers, Jimmy. I've logged on late this evening to update the blog (rather sneakily, I feel, it's possible to backdate the main post details). I'll catch up on this tomorrow if I may as I'm feeling too tired right now to do it justice.


Tim said...

> I'll catch up on this tomorrow

or the next day :o) (the same thing happened again tonight).

Tim :o)x