Tuesday, June 20, 2006

# 0194Total Allotment Time: 2 & 1/4 hrs.
Principle Tasks: Lifting plastic sheeting and lightly forking over soil newly exposed to remove any remaining weed roots as in recent posts. Watering. Weeding. Starting to grub up phacelia green manure from first temporary growing area.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim
Ah-hum, bumblebee identification is fraught with difficulties and that particular one is very tricky. You see the species of Bombus lucorum has been split into B. lucorum and B. cryptarum and although I think it is one of them I cannot tell which. Even in the hand you can only say with certainty, one is B cryptarum. So calling on my vast command of everything, I should say nothing.

Your pictures are certainly showing your allotment to good effect. The plants seem to like the soil and the fertility must be good. Do you have any idea how long this plot has been cultivated as it would be interesting to know how many crops must have been taken off it over the years. I had a shot at an "allotment", a garden really, but it had been "done to death" and had so few stones in it I concluded it had been riddled - yes the entire plot. I am not sure what effect that had on the soil structure but I like a few stones as it looks like a real garden. It may even help with drainage. Now there's a point will your plot flood? Have you got stones and have you looked at the old maps (On-line) of your allotments?

All the best

Tim said...

Cheers Jimmy. Yes, wow, I didn't realise there were 25 different kinds recorded in the UK (I just tried looking up on UK Safari). I had it in my mind that there were only around half a dozen species. It shows how much I know :o)

Comparing a web search on B. lucorum to the photo I posted on Friday 23rd June it certainly seems you are right in it's id (and from that first pic alone, that was impressive!). I have also noticed a red-tailed species which seems to be common hereabouts.

I'll complete answering this tomorrow if I may, as I've gone and let the clock run away with me again :o)

Best Regards,