Friday, June 23, 2006

Total Allotment Time: 2 & 3/4 hrs.
Principle Tasks: Lifting plastic sheeting and lightly forking over soil newly exposed to remove any remaining weed roots as in recent posts. Watering seed beds. Grubbing up phacelia green manure from first temporary growing area. Cutting one 'Iceburg' and one 'Curly Green' lettuce from second temp. growing area. Weeding.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim
That is one superb lettuce! I told you to eat the outer leaves you could have been eating them since they were small.

Take a peek at this nice picture of a frog:

I have a super picture of a Painted Lady too but what is the legal status if I post it? Do I relinquish rights?

I will keep it off the blog anyway just to be sure.

Having great weather today but yesterday was a washout with more water in my boots than in the bog we were visiting. They were cheap boots but I didn't expect them to leak.

Back to your allotment - I don't think you should worry too much about the horsetail as a good hoeing usually weakens and kills most weeds. I quite happily grew vegetables with them in the plot and they never bothered me, but then not a lot does.

If I can find the B cryptarum photo I will stick it on the blog too. (watch for the black S across the front yellow collar)


Tim said...

Thanks Jimmy. Yes, I just couldn't bring myself to pick them off this first year. In the future I will look to do as you say and harvest 'babyleaves' - shudder :o)

Great pics! I especially liked your Fly Agaric (being something of a mushroom man myself). I hope you weren't tempted to try out it's hallucinogenic reputation? I was once foolish enough to consume Magic Mushrooms (Liberty Caps), but fortunately wasn't badly affected (I hope!).

There's a tag you can add at the bottom of the blog (thanks for reminding me to include it in mine! - see blog anew). It took a bit of working out, but it was pretty simple in the end. Click on the 'Template' tag at the top of the blog editing page. Scroll down the html window shown within. Find the bit about copyright near the bottom. Make the appropriate changes. Then remove the < !-- and -- > from it. 'Preview Changes' to make sure it's all okay before saving changes. If you get in a mess (as I did a couple of times) simply 'Clear Edits' and begin anew. Definately worthwhile adding though. Cheers for reminding me!

We've had some rain over the last day or so, and although I thought it pretty substantial, it only really wetted the top couple of inches, I discovered.

No, I agree, the horsetail is something I mustn't let get to me. Although I am someone who likes to give the best possible conditions for the plants I'm trying to grow - I hate to see struggling plants in gardens (they make folk think gardening is difficult and leads them to resort to chemicals, when the truth is most plants will grow strongly in temporate climates given the right conditions). I want to prove that it is possible to grow healthy veg, with a minimum of hard work (hopefully the case when my permanent no-dig beds are in place) without resorting to chemicals. Time will tell..

Thanks again,