Wednesday, June 07, 2006

# 0174Total Allotment Time: 3 1/2 hrs
Principle Tasks: Applying mulch to temporary growing area. Weeding.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

I was thinking you had changed the name of your Blog again but no it is just the Blog site having computer problems.

That is a truly impressive insect – pity we do not get them up here. You have oh so much more variety down south. I am jealous, I too have been photographing bumblebees though for our group website, in particular the new species, Bombus cryptarum. It is really nice to be in at the beginning of such an experience, breaking new frontiers and all that.

Argh – never, but never, take brassica seedlings as they are the prime vector for that nasty fungus which causes root problems. I hope you have not just infected your soil. And allotments are the worst place to get it from as it is rife in them. This is what the web says about it:
(Plasmodiophora brassicae)
Club Root can be identified by stunted growth especially if infected as seedlings. Discoloured leaves which wilt. Roots are a thick distorted mass.
The symptoms are caused because the roots are unable to function in their normal way. The disease is a fungus within the soil, often introduced by seedlings bought in.

Ah well, you learn by your mistakes they say...

After getting my shed up the shiplap shrunk and there was a gap between the boards so I levered them off tonight (last night now) and closed the gap only to turn round and see the other side of the shed now has the same problem. I will wait until July when I have some time off and remove all the boards and stick them back on again. I would have been happier to have paid for it but poverty prevented that solution. I sometimes wonder why I bother to work.

I always say – they pretend to pay me and I pretend to work. Just joking really, I have to work every minute I am there.

Is this weather suiting you or is everything too dry now. We got a big shower to keep things damp so no shortage of moisture here.

Did I mention already the lupins did not seem to germinate but something interesting looking has – I will have to wait and see what it turns into but it just could be a strange variety of lupin.

Catch you later.


Dad said...

Hi Tim,
This warm sunny weather has really bought on your allotment. It looks great. The 'green' sustainable approach is so much better than the use of all the commercial additives and heavy mechanisation which pollute and destroy the soil structure. We could all learn a lot from your example.

Tim said...

Cheers, Jimmy (my recent viewing problems also seem to have sorted themselves out, touch wood). I was glad I could get a positive id on the squash bug - always more satisfying to know for certain.

Do please let me know of the url to your bumblebee website (if you've not already done so and I'm being a dope again) as it would be great to see your pics (as you might tell, I'm writing this after the one wherin I re-expounded the merits of digital photography :o) ). I've not yet been able to 'capture' a bee, but I'm hoping that the Phacelia should attract them in numbers (first signs I noticed yesterday of flowers forming).

Bad luck over your shed. I'm sure from seeing the professional approach you took to building it, that you should be able to put it to rights in time. I'm increasingly thinking that a new-looking shed would be out of place at the allotments where I am. It's an open site, and theft is an ongoing problem (someone nearby to me had a tool-store stolen recently).

> they pretend to pay me and I pretend to work.

True enough for many though, I guess :o)

This sunny weather we've been having down here has come as such a contrast to the showers of last month, that I'm basking in it, and trying not to worry about the consequencies if it was to last :o)

Best Regards,

Tim said...

Thanks Dad! Glad to know that you drop by from time to time (here as well as there) :o)

Tim :o)x