Saturday, June 10, 2006

Total Allotment Time: 1 & 3/4 hrs
Principle Tasks: Lifting plastic barrier and lightly forking over soil newly exposed to remove any remaining weed roots as in recent posts. Weeding main path. Cutting back nettles from front of old compost heap with garden shears.


Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

I like this idea of yours of leaving the nettles as a wildlife site. Lots of our common butterflies love them. Have you considered leaving a sacraficial brassica for the "Whites" - Large White and Small White butterflies. Or if you are feeling really caring a few nasturtiums for them. You could grow them in a big bucket. They look great too!


Tim said...

Hi Jimmy. Yes, I'm conscious of leaving disturbing them for as long as possible to give any caterpillars there chance to develop. Over the back fence there's a good stand of them (nettles - which I'm regularily 'watering') ;) which I hope they will transfer to when I do. I've also already begun forming a new compost heap there (for wildlife only - it'll be inaccessable for myself, and more importantly for the boys from the local housing estate who traditionally come looking for slow-worms and lizards - which inevitable sadly perish as a result).

I'll probably find I shaldn't have room to do as you suggest with the cabbages, but nasturtiums are a plant I love, and will definately find room for (they also make a good addition to salads, I've heard, but not as yet tried - in moderation, as I've also heard they are poisonous in excess).

Hopefully you're also seeing some of the sun we've been having down here over the last couple of weeks.

Best Regards,
PS. Don't look at the time I posted this - cursed with insomnia again I be :o(