Monday, July 24, 2006

# 0245Total Allotment Time: 2 & 1/2 hrs
Principle Tasks: Lightly forking over soil newly exposed from under plastic sheeting to remove any remaining weed roots as in recent posts. Watering plants in pots. Hoeing and hand weeding. Harvesting 3 kilos of Dwarf French Beans (variety unknown).


Rita M said...

I always love your pictures of butterflies and moths. There are also a lot of them here in my garden .

Tim said...

Thanks, Rita. I do think close-ups are 'my thing' when it comes to digital photography :o)

It's amazing to think that the Silver Y has flown all the way over the Channel just to feed from my flowers. I wonder if they breed where you are in Belgium?

Tim :o)x

NB. I usually sign myself this way when on Care2, where I first came across Rita. The 'x' is supposed to represent my trachy scar (I had a tracheostomy tube for nine months as a young child). Fortunately, I've not suffered any significant long-term ill-effects from having it (i.e. my voice box was unharmed and I can speak okay (if with a slight stutter when nervous)). T.