Wednesday, July 19, 2006

# 0239Total Allotment Time: 2 & 1/2 hrs
Principle Tasks: Lightly forking over soil newly exposed from under plastic sheeting to remove any remaining weed roots as in recent posts. Watering old compost heap.


Elvez73 said...

Very cool blog, I have a mid size garden that I am trying to mind right now, no pestecides or herbicides, but I have used fertilizers in the past. I am interesting in tracking your progress. I am currently having a bumper crop of 6 varieties of tomatoes as well as thai chiles,jalapenos, and various squashes. I live in the American South and the climate is torrid this time of year but certain plants do well in the heat. Keep posting

Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

I hope I didn't upset you too much by playing Devils advocate over the weedkiller. I would have gone for the shade it out and hoe hoe hoe routine to get rid of it. nothing withstands constant hoeing.

Nice picture of the Footman, we do not get the variety you get down south but it makes them more manageable when it comes to identification.

Stangely I have had an unusual visitor to my greenhouse - a leaf-cutter bee. This far north I have never seen one before let alone had a colony (of 2)take up residence in my chrysanthemum pot.

A fellow biological recorder also had his first near Dingwall this year so possible a sign of global warming. Do you get them down there?


Tim said...

Cheers, Elvez and Jimmy. I'd given myself a couple of days off from the blog (bad weekend for me). Sometimes it does seem a chore, but I do hope to keep it up. I'll reply to these in greater detail later this coming week if I may, but thankyou both for posting, as it is very encouraging to receive them (no worries there over your last, Jimmy. It got me at a bad time, that's all).

Best Regards,
Tim :o)x