Sunday, July 30, 2006

The History of Allotments


Rita M said...

Thanks Tim for looking it up !I love to read all of it and the old maps are great .
It is great that the allotments are there for such a long time.
Thanks Tim to schearing this al with us.

Tim said...

Hi Rita!

A sad beginning though with the Enclosures Act (I for one feel that the common land way of life (with a shared responsibility for the whole) was a much better way of going around organising life, but it's hard to imagine such lifestyles today (more's the pity).
Let's hope that it doesn't take another war for allotments to become generally popular again :o(

I do sometimes get very discouraged when I look around me (neglected plots, 'chemical heads' (the name I inwardly use for folk who apply inorganic fertillisers and pesticides), plastic burners, etc.) but sincerely hope that mankind individually will rediscover his/her connection with the soil before it's too late - allotments will play a big part in this over here if he/she does. If he/she doesn't, well, Nature (or, The God of Nature) will continue on her path of ridding herself of us - and I don't blame her.

Sorry to have 'gone on one' there :o)

Cheers again for posting - they really are very encouraging.

Tim :o)x

Rita M said...

Hey Tim ,
You said "Sorry to have 'gone on one' "
You don't have to be sorry you are someone who have respect for the nature - you must be proud of it.
My kind regards ,