Wednesday, March 28, 2007

# 0691Total Allotment Time: 1 & 3/4 hrs.
Principle Tasks: Tickling over the rain-capped soil around the recently planted shallot sets. Leveling of the ground around the pathways with the hope of putting down more chipped-bark on them tomorrow.


Rita M said...

Hi Tim,
incredibly - you must place a real fence a round it I think !

The seedlings are looking good but don't cook them in the coldframe Tim .
(poor little seedlings) :o) :o)

Friendly Greetings,
Hugs ~~ Rita

Tim said...

Hi Rita. You're right.. I remember I hid up some chicken wire I brought last year to help keep the railwaybank rabbits getting through the back fence.. I forsee a 'cone' or 'tube' of such appearing sometime over the next week.. that's if I can find it! :o)

Your Friends,
Tim 'n' Hugs :o)x