Monday, March 12, 2007

# 0657Total Allotment Time: 2hrs
Principle Tasks: Tickling over the surface of veg bed 01 (where I'm expecting to plant potatoes in a week or so's time). Marking out and preparing the ground to begin construction of veg bed 02.
Notes: Soil temperature of this year's seedbed = +10c


Rita M said...

Hi Tim ,
when the sun shines everything looks good ~~ Spring is comming at last :o)

Tim said...

She sure is (although I don't like the look of the weather forecast for this coming week - snow!) :o(

Cheers again for following the blog, with added big thanks for the St. Patrick's Day e-card! After watching the Emerald Isle beat Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup tonight, I feel like an Irishman - to be sure, we won! :o)

Tim :o)x

Rita M said...

Hi Tim,

The weather really look bad for the coming week .
Following the blog and added the e-card ~~ Gladly done Tim(Irishman)!

And Hoera for the Emerald Isle :o) :o)