Thursday, March 15, 2007

# 0664Total Allotment Time: 3hrs.
Principle Tasks: One, in all honesty. I pottered about, chatted for half an hour to another plot holder and spent maybe an hour at most gently leveling off and preparing the soil in what there is of veg beds 02 & 03 for planting.
Notes: Average soil temp (at 10cm down) of veg bed 1 = +8c. Soil temp (at 5cm down) of this year's seed bed = +10c.


Rita M said...

Hi Tim ,
all the seedlings you have there looks verry good .
The mini-cloches you made from a plastic water bottle are a good idea for my son - I will
tell him :o)

My Best Regards

Rita :o)

Tim said...

Thanks Rita. Yes, the bottles seem to be working well. Tell Sam that he needs to make sure the caps are removed during the day, else his plants might overheat in the warmth of the midday sun :o(

Best Regards also,
Tim :o)x

Rita M said...

Thanks Tim for the hint , I will tell him.Yesterday he spend a lot of hours in his little garden :o)
I post the pics this week .

Best Regards
Rita :o)