Wednesday, March 21, 2007

# 0671Total Allotment Time: 3hrs.
Principle Tasks: Planting out the aforementioned radishes and covering them with fleece as pictured. Planting out red shallot 'Pikant' sets (20+ (I managed to 'break a few up' as you would garlic bulbs to get a few more than the 20 in the £1.29 packet) into veg bed 01. Adding 6 marigold seedlings and the multi-sown 'White Lisbon' spring onion that I brought up from home to the pre-fab cloche near the rhurbarb.

Notes: Average soil temp of veg bed 01 = +5c


Rita M said...

Hi Tim ,
Spoken off a Siberian plateau :o(
it is verry cold indeed and that afther a week off spring temperatures from 19c

The radishes will appreciate it that you are covering them with a horticultural fleece ~~ I would to :O)

The meadow cranesbill looks verry healthy to me now. Perhaps , growing in a pot was nothing for him .

Best Regards,
Rita :O)

Jimmy said...

Hi Tim

From a period of relative calm you seem to have been catapulted into fervour. I turn my back for a day or two and the whole plot starts to look different.

We too have had the cold weather, but hey, I just stayed inside. It seems to have passed very quickly as when I came out of work at lunch time it was actually warm.

I should be at home this weekend so I just might look at the garden and see what needs doing. I think it might be time to tidy up and to prune my buddleia. Any idea when the right time is to prune one of the globossa type?

It has been a long time coming but are you ready for that final shove to finish the beds and move the compost heap? I want to see the finished product and to know what is living in that heap!

Yours (tongue in cheek)


Tim said...

Hi Rita,

Wow! I'm really encouraged by our weather forecast here for the week ahead - full sun for five days in a row! Hopefully it's the same for you in Belgium..

Best Regards,
Tim :o)x

PS. After replying to these I'm aiming to go check up on how your house 'n' garden's coming along - good I hope!

Tim said...

Hi Jimmy! Yes, I've banked on it being an early spring :o)

> Any idea when the right time is to prune one of the globossa type?

Wait until after it's flowered (this is according to Garden Organic - almost always good advice there I think).

> are you ready for that final shove to finish the beds?

Yesterday I managed to turn some soil over in preparation of continuing another, and what with this sunny forecast ahead, who knows - maybe by the end of March 2008? :o;

Tim :o)x