Monday, March 19, 2007

Notes From Home 3/19/07

Sowed radish 'Cherry Belle'. 8 modules (5 seeds per.)
Sowed cucumber 'Cucino F1 Hybrid'. 1 seed into a 7.5cm pot.
Sowed lettuce 'Buttercrunch'. 9 seeds into into one 8cm half-pot.
Sowed carrot 'Parmex'. 8 modules (5 seeds per.)
Sowed dwarf french bean (own saved seed, unknown variety). 6 seeds of into individual 9cm pots.


Rita M said...

Hi Tim,
you have sown much I see :O)

For the first I have seed of the Oleander Tim - would it succeed to sow that in little pots? What do you think ?????

My Verry Best Regards,
Rita :O)

Tim said...

Hi Rita.

> would it succeed to sow that in little pots?

Yes, I reckon so. The advice I found said to prick out the seedlings into pots when large enough to handle and grow them on in the greenhouse/windowsill for at least their first winter before planting them out in early summer.

One word of warning though - Neriums, esp. (Nerium oleander), I've just read, are very poisonous (one leaf eaten has been known to kill a child) so be sure to warn Sam about it.

Don't let this put you off from having a go a growing this beautiful shrub though - many garden plants are harmful and it's best to treat them all with respect - something I'm sure you (and your son) already know.

Do let us know here how you get on!

Best Regards,
Tim :o)x

Rita M said...

Hi Tim ,
thanks for the warning ,I now many garden plants are harmful but that the Nerium oleander could kill a child that I did'nt now .
I will warn Sam about it - but yes, we will sow some seeds :o)

My verry Best Regards
Rita :o)

Tim said...

Yes, it surprised me too. I found the info on the Plants For A Future database. Here's the url if your interested in reading up there further:

I'm glad to hear though that it shaldn't put you off from growing it.

Your Blogger & Care2 friends,
Tim 'n' Hugs :o)x